Controlling Application Startup
Published:  10 October 2016


The default configuration in an .adef file is for a Legato Application is to start automatically after being uploaded to the mangOH/WP85 platform, or when the Legato Supervisor on the mangOH/WP85 platform starts.

Sometimes this auto-start behaviour is not desired: when debugging an application that is crashing; or if the Application is not required to be running on the mangOH/WP85, but may be required in the future so removing it completely is not an option.

Configuring the .adef file at build time

If you have access to the source code of the Legato Application, a simple change to the .adef file will prevent the Application from auto-starting. To stop a Legato Application from starting automatically, add the following line to the top of the Application .adef file:

start: manual

then rebuild and reinstall the .update file to the mangOH/WP85. To allow a Legato Application to automatically start, add (or change) the following line at the top of the Application .adef file:

start: auto

then rebuild and reinstall the .update file to the mangOH/WP85.

Configuring auto-start at run-time

It is also possible to change the auto-start setting at run-time by editing the configuration on the mangOH/WP85. To do this, log into the console of the mangOH/WP85 (serial, SSH or via Developer Studio) and use one of the following commands:

To disable auto-start for Application ‘yourAppName’

config set /apps/yourAppName/startManual true bool

To enable auto-start for Application ‘yourAppName’:

config set /apps/yourAppName/startManual false bool

These commands are case-sensitive. Using the wrong case for yourAppName will corrupt the configuration tree and create a ‘phantom’ app that will confuse the Legato Supervisor.

You can get the list of apps currently installed on the mangOH/WP85 platform using the following command:

app status

Further information

For more information on managing the start-up state of an application, please see the Legato Documentation here